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GRIFFIN TACTICAL New folding front sight (AFWS)

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Hello everyone,

New product in the works. I have been working on this folding front sight for some time now.

AFWS = Advanced folding weapon sight

The photos show a sight base for mounting on a rail, However I am currently working on the SIG base.
The front sight is also elevation adjustable via a knob located on the back of the sight. This is will be either 1/4 or 1/2 moa clicks. The sight has a fiber optic rod inserted into it. I am also looking into tritium lamps as an option.

Please tell me what you guys think and vote on the poll above.

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Front Sight

First, I have one of your charging handles and love it!

Second, I really like your idea. Especially if you find a way to replace the existing 556 sight which, IMHO, is worthless. I would definitely be interested.

Thanks & keep 'em coming!
Would the sight line up with the SIG folding BUIS or and AR Buis?
The front sight is currently designed to work with AR style rear BUIS ( ARMS, TROY, GG&G) however I could easily change it to work with the SIG BUIS.

Also how many people like the Idea of knob adjustable elevation? Would you rather have an AR style post?

I am open to suggestions? Tell me what you want and I will try to incorporate that in the new front sight.
I like the idea of a knob adjustment. I hate getting to the range and find I forgot a adjustment tool. Sight looks great.
I would like it if it was made to the original 550 height .
Will the sight hold zero with a knob instead of an AR type post?

If it will then it looks good and I would br interested.
The knob sounds like a great idea, but it looks like it might lean on a picatinny rail when folded down.
Holding zero

Unwanted adjustment/movement was a concern of mine. In those pictures the part you cannot see is the spring detent. The knob was placed on the backside so that when the sight is folded it would be virtually impossible for the knob to get knocked out of adjustment. The knob also will be firm to avoid possible or accident movement in elevation. Once I get the sig base finished I am going to get the first one made. At that point I will do some testing and will post results and pictures of the final product.

here is a view from the side mounted on the rail

Please post any question or concerns. The more input I get from the users the better I can make the product!

As always Thanks
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Not to sound like a broken record- but it does look good! Very promising- I also like the idea of the adjustable front, it would be a market differentiator on the product for sure. Would it be possible to have it as both adjustable, and AR sight replaceable- so the end user could mount a tritium, or a dayglo, or a fiber AR front post at will, and have the adjustability with it? :eek:
I like the looks of the mock-up. I would be interested in one. Is the mount based on a more permanent clamp on style or a quick release? I would like to see a simple (KISS) non-adjustable, clamp on style, with the fiber optic over a tritium to keep the cost down. With an optic already on my rifle, I don't feel the need to spend a ton on a BUIS system. Just my 2¢!
Looks good, you have my interest!
Build it, ill buy one right now. Tritium would be great, hell a tritium/fibreoptic front like the TFO sights would be even better.
Like the idea of using an AR front sight post with my adjustable design. I will look into it.

I am also looking a having one which uses a blade style ar post with no knob for adjustment. The mount is a permanent clamp, not a quick release.

Everyone if you vote that you do not like the design please post what you would like to see different.

I like it.. keep us informed when you plan on making this!!
I'd really like to see this in a "Sig 556 height" (and mountable to the factory front location on the gas block) to replace the factory front sight. Would be extra nice to then have a fold down "Sig 556 height" rear sight to go with it.

Of course, another potential option is to have a front sight (again, for the factory gas block location) made to be compatible with the HK style diopter sights.

The reason I make these suggestions is that I don't really care for the AR height sights on this weapon.
Looks good to me, I like the fact it will line up w/AR sights since there are already so many good ones out there. Since the front sight post will be fixed, how about closing it up into a complete circle HK style? I love the fixed HK post centered in circle. I would definately be in for one with a closed sight hood in front.

I read somewhere that our eyes will automatically try and line up both circles (HK style hooded sight) when shooting through a peep rear and hk style hooded front sight. That was why HK designed fixed front posts centered in the sight hood, so your eyes will automatically try and align the circles which leaves the post dead center of your sight picture. It might not make a difference but with the current design the sight would always be centered in the hood like an HK style which I believe is a good thing. If you went with the AR style adjustable post I'd like to see the hood opened up slightly to make less of a circle or more squared off ears like an AR to prevent your eyes from fighting to align the front sight hood with the peep instead of centering the front sight post to the rear peep. Maybe a long shot but in theory it makes sense to me.
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