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good price on a scar-l

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a local shop has these listed on gunbroker.
each one has factory blemishes. but, they're only 2150.
it's a good deal if you're planning on a paint job anyway.
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Yeah, that's a smokin' deal - I have seen a few of these - apparently the use of blue Loctite on some of the screws during assembly bled into the anodizing and caused a chemical reaction that led to these being sold as factory "blemishes" - you are correct -- it hardly matters if you're going to camo the gun anyway. Actually, these don't look all that bad - you could buy one and Duracote the thing and have a great deal on a great carbine!

Ones I have seen are selling below $2000, BTW - $1,998...flying off the shelves as soon as they land.
Actual dealer price is below 1900 on FN SCAR L

SCAR-L is an awesome weapon, one of the most tested platforms around, went through US DOD and USSOCOM testing. The Blemish almost looks like a two tone desert tan finish, doesn't really detract from its looks at all. The Military Version has a ACME Thread type Flashhider, ie. SIG SWAT style Flashhider, the Civilian version has a Muzzle Break, works awesome but anybody near you feels the concussion, and definetly needs to wear hearing protection. When shooting with PMC ammo and a Vertical Grip, without gloves you feel some powder residue from the break.
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