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While surfing around on Glock Talk I found this post. It is no secret I dont like this Dr. guy so I guess with the run in's I have had with him I to am on his no train list. The world as I know it is over :roll:
Keep in mind he complimented the training but posted negative comments about the lunchtime get a teflon membership pep talk they had to listen to.

This is pretty funny. I attended FS two years ago and took a 4-day Defensive Handgun course. I was rather impressed by training but no so impressed by their marketing shpiel and their membership system. But more on that later.

I didn't really consider going back, but there is a 4-Day rifle class being put on at the end of this month and it's meant to benefit a good cause, so I figured I'd attend. I was looking forward to meeting and shooting with fellow Calgunners. More on this class:

So I printed out FS's application, filled it out and faxed it in. Here's the reply I got back:

Hi Ed,

Thank you for submitting an application to Front Sight to attend the training under the Basich Group Rifle class 09/25/2009

Unfortunately we are not able to provide you training at Front Sight at this time or in the future and we have canceled your enrollment into this course on 09/25/2009.

This cancelation and ban from attending training at Front Sight stems from your post on internet chat boards about Front Sight.

We have not charged your credit card for the criminal background check.

Thank you.

Jonathan Landwer
Executive Assistant

Front Sight Firearms Training Inst.
P.O. Box 2619
Aptos Ca. 95001

At first I wasn't even sure what he was talking about, so I e-mailed him back and then he made a reference that made me remember posting here on GT after initially attending their class.

I guess my e-mail address is similar enough to my handle.

Seriously, what kind of pathetic company instead of concentrating on running their business would scour the internet to find people that had less than stellar things to say about them? What's even funnier is that everything I predicted two years ago is coming to fruition. FS even briefly went into recievership not that long ago. The prices of memberships are down to almost nothing. The $200K Diamond Memberships they used to sell to suckered customers are now going for $5K. I talked to a gentleman that recently bought a Diamond Membership for $7K. Wanna guess what the extra $2K were for? A timeshare that would allow you to spend a week in one of the condo's that will be built on Front Sight's property. Are you friggin' kidding me? I remember hearing about that million-dollar septic system more than 2.5 years ago. As far as I know, everyone is still using porta-potties. This has all the makings of a pyramid scheme. They will keep dropping the prices until they can no longer attract new customers and then there will be no capital to pay the bills and then the doors will close for good.

Oh well, thank goodness there are still plenty of companies around that provide high-quality firearms training without any gimmicks, lies and scams.

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I have no desire to listen to anything they say after the post about the video on their site with the officer who was slain in the line of duty. Any assclown that would use such a terrible video to fearmonger people into taking their classes will get no support form me. Besides I don't go to communist states unless it's to liberate them.
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