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FN P90 any experience??

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I'm looking closely at getting a new pistol and a SBR. I was thinking of a 556 SBR, to go with my ER, but getting the FN Five Seven and a P90 makes pretty good sense to me considering the ammunition commonality. Of course its not cheap ammo.....
So anyone shot a P90 and can give me their 2 cents, also, I'm a lefty...
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No experience with the P90, but look at the MSAR STG-E4. Bullpup that can be purchased left handed and switched, 5.56mm NATO, Stanag mags(common with 556 ER), 2MOA and the same size as the PS90 and SBR with 16" ballistics. Then you can stick to a NATO or common pistol round to ensure you have access to new mags and ammo for your rifles and ammo for your pistol. Also won't break the bank.
I had the pleasure of firing the select fire P90 at the office. FN sent up the LE rep and he had one with him to let us demo. It was the most controllable full auto weapon I have ever handled. Its also truly ambidextrous and very simple to operate.
Only point of caution, the weapon is so compact that it may be possible to have an accident by placing your support hand forward of the muzzle if you're careless. The handstop is a great accomodation, but being mindful of the business end of that thing is more important. That little 223 caliber round is ferrocious.
The weapon sighting system is set up to accomodate both left and right handed use. There are iron type sights (polymer actually) on the left and on the right side of the upper receiver and there's also a center mounted dot sight that favors neither side. Very clever.
Its very simple to tear down and simply does not foul, the ammo is very clean burning and the weapon just remains clean. The design is impressive IMHO.
Its definitetly a niche weapon, great for CQB, vehicle escorts yet effective to 200+ meters.
The downward ejection of brass through the handle was also a neat feature. On full auto, you can literally sign you name with the thing on target. Recoil is virtually non existant.
Since the bolt carrier rides a dual rail system, the weapon does not cant or pull under recoil.
The fire selector is also in a great place, right beneath the trigger and requires next to nothing to go from safe to semi to full. The fire selector rolls fully to the left and right staying with the ambidextrous design.

I say give it a try. You may like it.
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I too have had the chance to play with a P90 of multiple occasions, and I also have the pleasure of owning a 556 SBR. Tough call really. Both are sweet guns. If it came down to it I would personally choose my 556 SBR, but that being said a PS90 SBR is near the top of my list of next guns to build/buy. In all truth and honestly, you might like the PS90 SBR better due to you being a lefty. Both are very fun, smooth shooting rifles. People also say the 5.7 ammo is expensive, but honestly I see it regularly for $25/50 rounds, whereas I see .223 for almost $20/50 rounds so its not that terribly different. Only real difference IMO is the availability of the ammo.
goshawkdriver said:
I'm looking closely at getting a new pistol and a SBR. I was thinking of a 556 SBR, to go with my ER, but getting the FN Five Seven and a P90 makes pretty good sense to me considering the ammunition commonality. Of course its not cheap ammo.....
So anyone shot a P90 and can give me their 2 cents, also, I'm a lefty...
I've had a PS90 for about 3 months now. Ive only put about 300 rounds down the pipe, due to Ohio snow. I also have a FiveSeven. Love them both. I would like to SBR my ps90 soon. It is very accurate with the stock sight out to 50yds so far. I haven't had a chance to shoot it any farther. The five seven is real cool. 20 rnd clips and 10rnd extensions for 30 round zombie killers.
Both are a blast to shoot. If ya got the cash laying around go for it, you won't regret it.

The Ps90 is 100% ambidextrous, from the chargin handle, safety to the shells ejecting out the bottom, so you will be A OK!!

The ammo has come down considerably and is actually cheaper than Good brass 223. I picked up a case(2000rnds) for $695 shipped.

Check out this forum for more info, it is a great forum.

I have modded the Ps90 quite a bit since I got it. Quad rail, green laser, rail covers...

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yeah im debating a p90 too. depends on how much its gonna cost to fix my subaru. and this will only happen after deployment. if not the p90 then definately getting a five seven... funny how they almost cost the same lol
I just got a FiveSeven. has 50rd boxes of ammunition for $18/ea. Works out to be as cheap as any .223 out there.
Its a tough call, my need for a handgun is without a doubt, my 9mm desperately needs to be upgraded, and I should really stop shooting my 1940's era GI 1911 and put it in the safe. My first thought was a XD45, I've shot it, I like it, lots of people like it.... To go with that and to fill another hole in my inventory was to get a DSA FAL. Another great weapon without a doubt. But then I start investigating the Five Seven (got to hold it but not shoot it yet), 20 or 30 rds of trouble packed into a full size pistol frame...AWESOME! Well, to try and keep my ammo inventory managable I started looking at the only assault rifle that shoots the 5.7. ANd I have to admit at first I thought it was damn ugly, but after seeing many shooiting videos on YouTube, it looks like a real performer and a blast to shoot and most important Lefty friendly.
Now combined prices of rifle and pistol are comperable at approx $2500, so I get to stress out about .308 battle rifle with a .45 or 5.7 PDW with a 5.7 hand cannon. Holy crap this is a tough call!
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You can get a 5.7 upper for an AR (or a complete rifle). Makes it an easy call if you're looking for a common round to use.....
P90 mags and 5.7mm barrel on an AR chassis. Interesting. $1100. Spent cases eject through the mag well.

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A guy who comes to the range where I work has one and he reloads for it--it seems to run great with everything he works up for it and its seems uncannily accurate in SBR trim.
The ablility of the AR-57 to share the upper with a .223 is the only reason I did not buy a PS90. The 5.7 upper runs like a scalded dog I have yet to have a malfunction with it. It is a lot of fun but the only drawback is I dislike having to order ammo, price however is pretty much on par with .223. The only thing I have changed is that the AR-57 (get the leftovers from the 556) now has the Sig Sauer rail covers and the ARMS 40sp that was on the Sig

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