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Did you replace your front take-down pin?

  • YES [KNS push button pivot pin]

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  • YES [new Sig factory front push pin]

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  • NO [I have a new classic with the new pin]

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eBay: Front take-down pin (is this the new one?)

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I have a Sig 556 ER and was wondering *if* this eBay auction for a front take-down pin is the same as what (as I hear) is now coming on the Sig 556 Classic.

I love the rear take-down pin and often wondered why the front pin isn't the same.

Sure, the KNS drop-in replacement for the front is fine (I'll buy one, if there is nothing better), but if I can get the same set-up in the front, I'm going for it. ... SS:US:1123

I'm not associated with the above eBay auction. I just saw it and wondered what you fine folks thought about it.

Thanks in advance.
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That pin on ebay looks like the old screw together type to me.
The pin on the ebay link is not the push pin type.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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