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Clyde said:
Okay, I must have contracted spring fever or something. I already own three SIG 556s (I know, I know -- there appears to be no cure, but I like it...). 8)

She's a very sexy beast, yes she is.... And I have been real good, too....

So, I guess I have to pay the $200, and jump through the fingerprint cards, sheriff's letter, and all that extra are-we-having-fun-now paperwork, but other than that, I can't help but wonder: should I buy the thing?

Not totally sure if the SBR is worth the money? Good gun, or gimmick?

...sounds like you've already kinda made up your mind... :lol: already have three carbines...i suppose the next step would be an SBR... :idea: it worth it... :?: i don't me it's kinda a novelty...and doesn't have the range or performance of a carbine...but you already have three it had a fun switch... :p sure would be nice through with a set of Aurora sights... 8)...and an Aimpoint Comp M4 on her...or a low power variable like a Nightforce NXS 1-4 X 24 with the FC-2 retical...

...i suppose that's a yes then...why not ?... that you've got me thinking about it... i want one too... :?

...thanks Clyde... :roll:'s a SBR and doesn't have any real practicle use for most people...a gimmick ?...a little...playing on the "tactical cool factor" all comes down to what you want...if you can afford it and really like one...then yes...i would buy one...
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