I have finally put together my factory SBR the way I like it. I ended up with a few extra parts. The prices below are plus shipping. If you buy them all, I’ll do $375 shipped to the lower 48
Tool Wood Rectangle Metal Composite material
Tool Wood Rectangle Metal Composite material

Factory collapsible stock, no pins, spring, or catch, fair $225
Bumper Automotive exterior Auto part Composite material Bracket

Camera accessory Gadget Cameras & optics Bumper Electric blue

Bumper Wood Automotive exterior Rectangle Auto part

Wood Composite material Auto part Tool Metal

factory handguard $100
Wood Rectangle Cylinder Gas Font

Trigger Musical instrument Wood Shotgun Air gun

Wood Audio equipment Gas Hardwood Metal

JMac handguard retainer for cut down 550 handguard alteration to 553ish conversion $90
Material property Font Gas Adapter Transparency

Window Wood Gas Auto part Personal protective equipment

shipping will range from $9-16 flat rate priority mail box. Grab the whole set for a steal of a deal. I’m happy to consider trades. I’m actually looking for a Ruger Bearcat 22 or a Springfield SA35 9mm right now. I’m happy to add cash for the right deal.