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Charging Handle length?

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Charging handle (prototype)

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Hey Guys,

The Prototype came early. :D Here are some pictures showing the new handle in place in the SIG556. This is a prototype. The machined or forged handle might have some minor changes, however the outer profile will remain virtually the same.

If there are any pictures you would like to see please ask and I will try to post them tomorrow.

Please direct all inquires to [email protected]

Please note the following is Intellectual property of K.McManus. 2/8/2008
Unauthorized reproduction is prohibited. 2/8/2008

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Perfect!!!!! I am partial to black. I no this is a plastic prototype, just adding My 2 cents. I love it. I'll take one for sure when you make them just let me no a price......
Your moving fast on this. We all appreciate that. The sooner we get the finished product the better. I think 100 will sell the first weak available... :wink:
Any chances of a shorter one?

I would buy one anyway and gring it down and refinish it.

Looks good now, I just think that length would interfere with folding stock.

If you wouldn't mind, could you get a side profile picture?

When they are ready, I will take one either way!!! Good job. :D
How many people would like the handle to have a single finger hold?
I should be able to offer both if there is enough interest.

I have also thought about this, but I personally like the 2-finger hold.

Here is a picture comparing original vs. new! New is about .5" longer.

Thanks guys!
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Nice work. But I two would be interested in a shorter one, although I would also purchase and grind it down if need be. Again really nice work.

Damn fine work! I'll be buying one for sure.
Looking at them a one finger looks a bit more appealing to me as it would not stick out as far. I would buy the two finger model but if had the choice I would get the one finger model...... :wink:
I agree. I like the looks of the 1 finger better. When these go into production please put me down for one. I know this means 2 moulds, but if you have enough interest I think you should offer both.
Because the two finger is white and the one finger / std is black this actually seems to make the white one stand out more or appear larger in photos. I do like the two finger dips which would work well in wet conditions. Maybe Maximus, you could shorten or condense the design 20% and still keep two finger design elements intact?

That said, congratulations on your progress.
Looking at them a one finger looks a bit more appealing to me as it would not stick out as far. I would buy the two finger model but if had the choice I would get the one finger model......
If the two finger model came first I would get it. Then if a one finger model came later, I would get it too. That way I could keep one as a spare and put witch ever one I felt I needed on at the time. The spare would fit in my Vertical grip I'm sure.
I will definitely look in to producing both variations of the charge handle. Should have an answer of availability in the next week or so.

Keep the comments coming.

Thanks again everyone
My vote is for a single finger charging handle.
I'll take a single finger model when they are available.
Looks like the one finger model is winning out? Is it because shorted seems better?
I should not be posting when I'm in a hurry. This is the outcome.. :oops:
If the charging handle didn't move with the bolt I would probably like the longer one.

Also I think it would interfere with side folder.
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