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CGS Wants to See Your Custom 556s!

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We've been selling quite a bit of 550/551 original accessories and I'm wondering what folks have been doing to their guns??? We'd love to see what you've done to your 556 so please post pics!
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Here's one, for starters! This rifle features our 550 style barrel with our 550 style flash hider, 550/551 lower receiver, the 551 stock and pistol grip, PE90 handguards with bipod, SIG 30 rd magazine, our receiver pins and a SIG Sauer diopter sight.
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what about 556 products?
Phazuka said:
what about 556 products?
To purchase from us? We have all sorts of 55X series products.

Post any pics you have of your rifle. If anyone out there is crazy for SIG rifles, it's us! Let's see those pics!
Here's mine. So far, it's sporting a Griffen charging handle and aurora sights.

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Here is mine.

I purchased this custom CGS 556 directly from you all and put a Burris Extreme Tactical 1-4X Scope with Fast Fire Red Dot on it. Since then I have shot two dozen feral hogs with it, as well as some coyotes and a bobcat! :wink:

This particular shot was three hogs with two shots at about 125 yards, didn't know I'd killed three until I walked up on them and saw another one DOA on the other side of the big one.....

Please tell Rayne thanks allot from me, it is one hell of a dynomite hunting rifle!!! 8)
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P.S. I'd like to get a set of PE90 handguards with the integral folding bipod for my other 556, can you provide a link to those for me on your site please?
CGS wants to see your custom 556's!

Skypup, I don't beleve the pe-90 handguard will fit your 556 if its got the 16" barrel. If you look at co.guns picture of the pe-90 it has a 20" barrel. So the bipod probably would also be to long.
Yikes, that is a long barrel.

I sure would like to have a 20 inch barrel on one of my 556s though....
Mine started as Classic SWAT.

Modifications include:

Swap factory stock and grip with OD 550 stock and grip
Magpul OD XTM rail covers
CAA OD short VFG
Surefire M951 light
Milett DMS scope in American Defense Mfg Recon-X mount.
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My Custom CQR

I love showing off my SIG! I wish we could have a vote for the best SIG on the forum.

Troy sights and quad rail, Griffin Charging Handle, push pin front take down pin, Surefire G2 with custom pressure pad, CAA Stock (mil spec tube), Eotech 511. Any questions feel free to ask.

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CGS Wants to see your custom 556's!

I really like that paint. Any tips for painting a rifle? I'm going to be doing a Remington 700 soon... any tips on brand of paint? I don't want the finish to wear, so I might go have it professionally DC'ed. I'm very much a fan of that kind of stenciling that you've done... what did you use to get that effect?
762... Thanks!

nickg... I used Rust-Oleum Camouflage Ultra Flat. Green, Tan, Brown and Black. I got them at Autozone... of all places. HA!

PinkFloyd... Thanks! Well my first paint job ever was on my 98 custom paintball marker. I did it drunk outside of the barracks... It turned out really good.
My third job was my SIG. I havent fired it yet, with the paint, and I can't wait to show it off at the range.
I'm all for the worn look of the paint though, it adds to the camo effect. It also looks cool! I'm not sure how to fix that, cause I'm no paint expert. I know it can be done though. Also another thing I noticed it always smells like paint!
I took out the guts including the gas tube. taped up the ejection port and gas ports in the gas block. Covered it in green. Let it dry, then hit it with brown with evergreen branches as a stencile. Then I added tan lighlty with a piece of a mesh bag for the "aligator" look.
Here is mine....Colorado Gun Sales supplied the buttstock, Lancer 30 rd. mag, bayonet lug, and flash hider, as well as a Sig Diopter rear sight.

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CGS Wants to see your custom 556's!

Mad Dog, Simply Beautiful, Yes who did your refinish. And your green furniture matches perfectly. Very 8)
I like that!!! 8)
Did the finish myself. Thanks for the compliments!
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