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My opinion if I were you is to try to purchase a P556 separately, or sell your rifle and purchase a P556.

Replacing the barrel can be done, but that will require-beyond the purchase of the new barrel-either the gunsmithing costs or the purchase of the proper tools to do so, as well as the hassle of selling the existing barrel to recoup some of your money. This assumes nothing else unexpected comes up during the swap.

Cutting down the existing barrel opens up the possibility of the bore axis being off-center at the cut line as well as potential gas issues if the gas port on the barrel is improperly sized for the new dwell time.

SBRing a P556 is as easy as removing the end cap adding a M4 compatible stock assembly if you stick with the non-classic lower version.

Just my 3 cents (2 cents + the Federal Reserve's inflationary policies adjustment)
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