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Anyone work up 68 gr BTHP Hornady rounds.

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I'm working up some loads for the 68 BTHP using varget and BLC-2. Looking to make a medium range all purpose load that will work with both 1 in 7" twist and 1 in 9" barrels. Any suggestions
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I am using 25.5 grains of BLC-2 for Prvi and Nosler 69 grain BTHP bullets and this works extremely well out of Lake City NATO brass.

I hand weigh each load.

For the Hornady and Prvi 75 grain BTHP I use 25.0 grains of BLC-2, as well as for the Nosler 77 grain BTHP.
Hey Skypup, do you think the 68s will be able to hit a 12" plate at 600yds with the Sig and a very competent marksman? or should I just go with the 75s and call it a day.
I know the 75s work as I shot the 75 gr TAP at barely over 6" at 500 yds when I first got the rifle so that can always be a fall back. Thanks for the info
I don't see why not. Why don't you give it a try?
Sounds good. I'll finish working up these test loads. Already had one with 25.5 gr BLC-2 sitting in the box so we will see how they do. I'll get around to testing them in two weeks here and then load up the rest and give them a try out to 600. I'll file my full workup and report on here under a new thread for you guys.
That sounds great, I'll be looking forward to your results.

I have not fired my rifles at anything over 300 yards to date.

One rig has an Eotech 512 with 4X Magnifier and the other a Burris XTR 1-4X scope so I think that is about my limit.

What kind of scope are you using?
Its a Burris Fullfield II Tactical 3-9x40mm set in a Larue SPR-1.5. Seems to be a pretty decent set-up and I've beat the ever living hell out of the thing and it doesn't even notice. Soon I'll be getting rid of the Eotech after a long internal debate and replacing it with a TA33R-8 ACOG. I figure if I'm into CQB my 870 with descend from my pack to deal with that situation and I'd like to have positive ID out to 400 yds and a simple no nonsense reticle that will allow me to get out there with ease and efficiency.
The Burris will be reserved of course for those situations when I need to run it as a DMR/Perimeter rifle.
Hope the S doesn't H T F, but if it does I want to be as ready as possible and have plenty of copper beans to plant. :p
That is a nice scope.

I ordered a Redfield 3-9X for my Thompson Center .223 with a 20" barrel and 1:8 twist, haven't got the barrel or scope in yet, still waiting, but it should be a sweet setup once I get it all together for long range shooting with the heavy OTM bullets.
Alright Skypup, did the accuracy and velocity workup on those 68Hornady's friday and I was really surprised with the results.
68 BTHP 24.5 gr Varget 5 shot groups- 1.5 MOA - Average velocity 2621.2

68 BTHP 25.0 gr Varget 5 shot groups- 1.1 MOA- Average velocity 2657.8

68 BTHP 25.5 gr Varget 5 shot groups- 1.8 MOA- Average velocity 2681.8

68 BTHP 25.0 gr BLC-2 5 shot groups- 2.1 MOA- Average velocity 2725.5

68 BTHP 25.5 gr BLC-2 5 shot groups- 2.1 MOA- average velocity 2759.2

68 BTHP 26.0 gr BLC-2 5 shot groups- 5.2 MOA- average velocity 2810.2

All groups shot with Burris Fullfield II Tactical 3-9x42 mounted in Larue SPR mount from Sig 556ER on sandbags. 1/4 value 10mph wind @100 yards

Notes, BLC-2 sucks for this bullet hard core and the varget 25.0 gr load performed the best at 1.1 MOA. More of these will be loaded and taken out to 600 yards on Thursday morning. Will post full write up on separate thread unless you think I should just leave it here. Also this is once fired .223 winchester brass and may account for some of the inconsistancy. All primers are winchester small rifle. Lee crimp die used also.
Hope this helps.
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Wow, that is very interesting data for sure, seems like Varget is the way to go in your rifle but the BLC-2 @ 25.6 grains was not bad and the velocity was up there. Looks like the chronographed velocitys are very nice too, thanks for posting that as I do not have a chrono.

I just picked up some Sierra MatchKing 69 grain BTHPs yesterday on sale at Gander Mountain, so will try them out and compare them to the Nosler, Hornady, and Prvi 68-69 grain bullets. I'll stick with 25.5 grains of BLC-2 for all three of them in new Lake City brass.

I also just ordered a Redfield 3-9X 40mm on Burris Picitanny mounts so I can swap out my Burris XTR 1-4X scope to a more high powered scope on one of my SIGs for longer range precision shooting. With a 1-4X the best range is anything out to about 150 yards or so. When I get the 3-9X mounted and zeroed in, I'll post some photos of my targets.
Sounds good man. Those redfields are supposed to be pretty good scopes for the money. I may try some new brass for more accurate readings on these, but as of now I wanted real world data for what I'm actually going to be shooting with as I have around 1500 once fired winchesters laying around. I'm about to go to cabelas while the wife is at work(spring break for me) and look around at some 75 BTHPs and 77 SMKs. Maybe do a full workup of those this week too. You find any good spots for getting cheap brass? Thanks again Skypup

Oh and if you want some .308 loads for a savage 12FV I just got one that shoots .4 MOA at 2666fps if you are interested.

On another topic, the ACOG TA33 with the greeh horseshoe reticle just got here too. I'll do a full write up on it as well.
My friends bring me once fired .223 PMC, .223 Prvi, and .223 Winchester sporting brass from the range that I recycle into my practice reloads all the time.

But I bought 3,000 new 5.56mm NATO Lake City '09 brass cases from Wideners for precision reloading at full power:

I'll be looking forward to the ACOG review too!
Just got back from Cabela's. No luck on anything heavier than 69s so I guess I'll just be doing the 68 for right now. Plus my buddies that have 1 in 9" ARs want some of this ammo too and they might be a little pissed if they can't shoot them. :lol:
I'll check wideners for some of those cases and may work up the BLC-2 loads a little more in better brass, cause you are right about the velocity on those. Pretty impressive for a 2.1 MOA group, which might be even smaller if everything else is held constant.
PS this sucks, I'm in Michigan and my ACOG is in Columbus.....damn woman
Hey Skypup,
Went with the 68 BTHP with 25.5gr BLC-2 for the workup at long range. Turns out they have a trajectory similar to XM193 out of a 20" barrel, twice the downrange energy, and the kicker is they maintain 2.0MOA out to 400m even with intermediate 5mph winds and driving rain(That was slightly uncomfortable, but definitely worth it.)
Used the 3x TA33G-H ACOG with the 55 federals, and these new 68s. Awesome, I repeat awesome sight. With a scope cap on the front, you use it like an Eotech then pop it open for anything past 25m. Consistent hits on 12" plate out to 400m and contrast is great and so is brightness. I'll get my buddies camera and take some pictures and work up a better write up, but just to let you know this is the perfect combat optic for the 556, but not a varmiter. I'll be taking her out to 600m on Saturday and the 68s out to 600yds too. Full report to follow. :shock:
Wow, that is totally awesome! 8)

Glad to hear those loads are working out well. I will get to work and load up some Nosler and Sierra 68 grainers and try them out target shooting from 50 to 200 yards.

I just ordered a nice Hornady Lock N' Load Concentricity tool from Sinclair International. They had a nice review of it in this months NRA American Rifleman magazine:

I'm going to go over my reloads with it and see how well I have been putting things together!

Thanks so much for the update. That 25.5 grains of Hodgdon BLC-2 behind the 68-69 grainers sure gets the job done!! :D
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A concentricity gauge is a nice tool, but I would rather spend the money on match quality dies and save the rest for loading components. Good dies make the concentricity gauge unnecessary IMHO. I use Redding competition dies with a micrometer top seating die and I am very happy with them.
Do the Redding Full Length Dies have a carbide case neck mouth expander plug in them so that you do not have to lubricate the case mouths?

That is the one thing I hate doing with my RCBS set.

When I get the concentricity gauge, I'll go over my my stored up reloaded ammo and see how well I've been doing.
The Hornady Lock N' Load Concentricity tool is a nice addition to my reloading tools.

I went over about 300 rounds of my 75 grain Prvi and 75 grain Hornady reloads last night as well as some Sierra MatchKing and Prvi 68-69 grain reloads and some Hornady NATO 5.56mm T2 commerical rounds.

All of my 75 grain reloads were in pretty good shape, most were 0.002-0.003" off, although a few were visually maligned up to 0.005-0.006". Adjusting them back to around 0.002-0.003 was no problem.

You can look at the cartridge as you turn it in the tool and tell visually if it is more than 0.002 to 0.003" out of alignment just by looking at it.

The 69 grain bullets were even better, with some right off the bat being 0.001" or less concentric.

The Hornady rounds were not any better than my own reloads.....

I will check out some XM-193 and M-855 NATO loads and see how them measure up to my reloads.

This is a nice tool!
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SkyPup said:
I went over about 300 rounds of my 75 grain Prvi and 75 grain Hornady reloads last night as well as some Sierra MatchKing and Prvi 68-69 grain reloads and some Hornady NATO 5.56mm T2 commerical rounds.
SkyPup, Where are you buying your Prvi bullets for handloading?
rainman74 said:
SkyPup said:
I went over about 300 rounds of my 75 grain Prvi and 75 grain Hornady reloads last night as well as some Sierra MatchKing and Prvi 68-69 grain reloads and some Hornady NATO 5.56mm T2 commerical rounds.
SkyPup, Where are you buying your Prvi bullets for handloading?
I've been getting them from either Graf's or Widerner's, they both have them in stock now.
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