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Anyone hear anything new on the SIG 7.62/.308 model?

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I know that SkyPup had some recent intel on this awhile back (when he isn't laying waste to the roothog population), but has anyone heard anything new on SIG Sauer coming out with a semi-auto heavy hitter?

Maybe something good is cooking for release at the the SHOT Show?

What's up with this one, knowledgeable members of the SIG556 Nation? :?: :?: :!:
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Clyde, I think the sapr will be a swiss product and may not meet the u.s. import requirements. Hopefully we get them in Canada in the very near future, if we do I will be sure to post a first hand range report :D :)

Thanks for your reply. Our Canadian friends to the North really do have it good - great scenery, clear clean water, great outdoors sports, greater snowmobiling, and you get guns we cannot get in the U.S. No wonder the Canadians still hold the record for the longest .50 caliber confirmed sniper kill (~2460 yards if memory serves) - you guys get all the cool gear! Not to mention some of the best beer in the free world (mmm-Molson).

Maybe the good folks in Exeter, New Hampshire will show us some of that Yankee ingenuity and surprise us - definitely a market for one!

Anyone going to the SHOT show keep your eyes open at the SIG booth!

We do have it good, Fresh air, fresh water, space, lots of taxes, terrible health care and a few cool guns. I know some folks who had a serious interest in buying out Sig USA just to improve the QC and regain market share but the fine folks seems to be happy with what they have and won't sell. We don't get much out of the USA anymore so have to source our sporting goods from Europe. We have to make our own beer too and don't need to thin it out as there are only 30million drinkers instead of 300million so sure it has more flavor.

You are correct on the Canadian Sniper record. Talk about a helluva shot, or was it a hail marry? Hail Allah anyhow. hope they set a few more soon. I hear they are using their 308's effectively out to 1500 ft.
Possible good news. Per a "Sig Sauer" post on facebook regarding a 6.8 mm Sig 556: "We are currently looking at other caliber options to include 7.62x51 mm NATO".
pk3 said:
Possible good news. Per a "Sig Sauer" post on facebook regarding a 6.8 mm Sig 556: "We are currently looking at other caliber options to include 7.62x51 mm NATO".
word has it a Canadian retailer has been approved to receive the SAPR 7.62 and they are on the way, now the feds need to approve it for sale, once that is done, we should have access to them, if that happens will post a pic or two.
Looks like the 7.62mm SIG 516 will make it long before any 556 based rig....
the one arriving in Canada is a 540 based rig, looks similar to the 550, same hand guards, different internals

Maybe if I apply for a dual citizenship with Canada I can get one to bring home??? :!:
Chalk me up as someone interested in a Sig 55X in larger calibers! I've got 2 556's right now. Starting the paperwork next week to SBR my Patrol Rifle. I need one more 556 this year to complete my other planned build, but any other 55X I could buy and shoot in other calibers out of the box would be a HUGE welcome addition. Give us a .308 that uses Magpul PMAGs and a DMR option and a LONG range option and I will be a happy man!
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