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Any alternatives to the "522 Classic" side-folder

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Any alternatives to the "522 Classic" side-folder

Hello all,

Have a "522 Classic" as SIG now calls it. Swapped in a set of fishgill HGs and it sure made it more "purposeful" looking. But...

Now the factory side-folder is not capable of being locked in the folded position.
Seems the buttstock hits the fishgills before the HG-tab can engage the lock-hole in the stock. If the tab was longer, it could work, or if the "gills" were trimmed a bit.

Even so, I like the LOOK of the factory sidefolder, but not the fact that it relies on "catching" on a small nub of nylon fiber handguard to stay folded, as opposed to a spring tensionm such as in a Romy/East German AK sidefolder.

Any sidefolder alternatives similar to the Romy AK sidefolder?

Thanks in advance!
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Thanks for the reply!

In looking at the referenced thread and the 522, it does not look lke I could make use of the "AR" side-folder types discussed.

I'm thinking the best I can get away with is some minor Dremel work on the fishgills themselves.

In comparing the stock-stud on the orginal handguards vs. the fishgills, the original has a smaller, more pointed stud, as opposed to the wider, blunt stud on the fishgills. The fishgills do not appear to have been meant for use with the "Swiss style sidefolder" of the 522, but instead maybe the AR style.
Thanks D-Punk! Meanwhile, I dremeled the fishgills a bit to make the base stock usable. Hope the adapter makes a better stock available.
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