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Well, having had the chance to witness and study first hand the considerable wisdom of Ullie, I decided to follow his sage advice, and so I went out and purchased the Nightforce NXS 2.5-10 x 32 Compact Scope with the new Velocity Reticle today. Very lightweight, incredible clarity, sledgehammer tough, and top shelf quality.

Once I saw that reticle illuminated in glowing red and aimed at a black background, that monster was coming home with me no matter what. :twisted:

That reticle is just amazing and the entire reticle is illuminated, not just the centerpoint like the Trijicons or Leupolds. OH HELL YEAH! :p

Added some Nightforce scope rings (titanium and aluminum) when the dealer sweetened the deal if I bought the whole package. :D

As we used to say when I lived out in California - "IT IS THE KIND!!" [as in "the kind" you want! - use your imagination for context].

Linky: ... 2nxs_.html

Ullie - Wise Old Wolf indeed - I owe you a virtual case of Heinekens!!!!

I owe a virtual case of Heinekens to NavyChief, too, BTW. I haven't forgotten you, man!

Now, where in tarnation did I leave that old trusty Tipton gun vise and that level-level level thingamajiggy?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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