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Sig 556 with AAC M4-2000 can. Eotech with my ghetto cheap magnifier in Larue mount.ACE rear folder that fits my Neanderthal frame.

FN SPR A4 with IOR 2.5X10 FFP glass.

Well I got a chance to see how much the POI shirt will be when running my SIG with the AAC M4-2000 can attached. Drum roll please......
Minimal shift / if any.

I always manage to leave something I need at home when I go to the range. This time it was any magazine. I got to run the sig manual shift. The up side it's hard to overheat something without a mag. Shooting at 100 yards I fired 10 rounds on target with the eotech and magnifier. The group was centered in the X and 10 ring. I put on the AAC can and fired another 10 rounds. It opened up the group but was centered and all in the 10 ring. I was surprised and very pleased. Blow-back was noticeable but not bad by any means. Ammo was 55 grain Win. over 846 ball powder in military brass.

The FN was a lot louder and kind of boring to shoot. I was working up a load for Sierra 175's and I think I nailed it now. 5 rounds in one ragged hole. Not bad for a REALLY hot day in Ohio. When the temp is 93 your gun stays pretty warm.

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