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6-position Gas regulator for suppressor use?/What parts do people want?

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Hello friends. On Thursday I got a 556 Swat from my local gun store I've been going to for years because I've always wanted one and never pulled the trigger. I'm at the phase in my life where I'm just buying all the stuff I wish I bought back when they were half the price.

Anyways, I'm a bored Engineer and in my free time I've been making silly parts for Daewoo rifles for the past handful of months and now that I have this gun I got bored and started designing parts for it that I wanted.

Here's the regulator modeled basically as it is from the factory, but with 2 smaller positions on the opposite end for suppressed use.
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The Daewoo regulator design required more thinking and work to turn a 4-position system into a 6-position but the Sig system really looks like it would be pretty easy to just add a third detent indentation in the middle and a new port in between the current ones. The spacing is just far enough to ensure that only one port at a time is seeing gas. Maybe the most work involved would be knocking out a roll pin and increasing the tension of the spring behind the detent, but that's only if adding that third position per "wing" on the regulator makes it a little too easy to go between settings, etc.
Any input on a 6-position version? Good idea? Bad idea?

For reference, here are pictures of the Daewoo regulator, and some other parts I had made. All steel parts machined from 4140 that was then Black Nitrided for hardness.

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And some 17-4 stainless charging handles with HP MJF Nylon knobs

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So yeah, I'm gonna prototype some parts for myself that I want, but I'm curious what everyone else wants. Personally even though I have big hands the safety kind of sucks to use, so I might throw something together akin to the extended levers for the MP5 for fun.
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Here's a look at a 6-position design with 5 ports and one shutoff setting
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Nice work man, i'm in the same place, buying shit i should have gotten years ago but was too busy working my rear off. Those parts look really nice.
The 556 series needs a nice oversized charging handle made, i'd be down for one and the upgraded gas adjustment port for suppressor. Looking forward to see what happens.
Very nice modeling. Solidworks? I use that one daily.
I don't have a preference for a new gas valve. The 556xi is the only one I still have. Not because I didn't want to keep them all. I just can't afford to keep many, and love to play legos with new builds.
I'd echo an extended charging handle if it was compatible with the xi. My eotech is in the way, but I've tried other optics and always go back to the ole holographic.
Very nice modeling. Solidworks? I use that one daily.
Yep, Solidworks. I've been using it non-stop from school until now and I like it. I've been using Creo at my new job and its alright but I'm way more used to Solidworks.

I started designing a handle from the ground up using the knob I already have for the Daewoo versions and wasted a bunch of time but honestly if I could just make a knob to fit the current one that is pretty solid it would be exponentially cheaper.

The original handle is hard as hell so I'd have to have the parts nitrided just in case. Is the XI handle the same underneath the rubber with the two holes? I was thinking the holes could maybe be drilled out and used for coil pins on an MJF handle so its way more solid than a traditional 3D printed knob, but once again the handle is hardened so that might not work great.
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Nut sure if the xi handle is the same underneath as the synthetic material on mine is still firmly adhered to the steel.
I'm interested in 2 - sig556 charging handles if you get around to making them, maybe even 4 of them,,, seems if the handle area is made bigger,,,then the 2 roll pin or rivet idea would be way longer lasting and hold up longer then the original black plastic press on. VERY INTERESTED.
Put me down for a charging handle and plug.
I'm definitely interested in a few. These rifles and their Swiss cousins are very over gassed. I think others with Swiss rifles would be interested as well. I'd love to be able to tune the ejection instead of destroying my brass. You might also consider making them for the Swiss 553 rifles which have a smaller gas valve.
I'd be interested in charging handle and regulator.
DP91 - thanks very much for putting this out there. Yes for a couple of regulators + charging handle
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