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clubster said:
Good avice but for what that vendor wants for a lower I most likely will just buy a complete gun and part it out. Just out of of principal! I think I

Well the more I actually think about it I am going to go that route with the 556 classic lower. After all at the end of the day the 556 still is not a 55X so i guess quite pretending right:). Happy Shooting!
I am in the process of doing the same thing, but am having a hard time not wanting to save up for the swiss lower from cogunsales.

then again, I can more readily afford the 556classic lower then buy the 550 stock set from cogunsales, and have a great look to my p556.

there is another provider of 552 style accessories for your 556, is a good source for making your 556 look like a 552. I dont mind pretending, because I have to. ;)
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