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556 Classic Range Report

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FINALLY got a chance to get my 556 Classic out and shoot it, albeit just at 25 yards on an indoor range!! I had made some mods to this rifle, replacing the factory folder with a Swiss folder, adding MagPul BUIS, and I had a Millett DMS scope on it. After some consideration, I took the DMS off for use on a varmit AR and put an EOTech on the 556.

I am happy to report that the range trip went extremely well!! I used PMags and shot Wolf 55 gr. FMJ, and had no function issues whatsoever!! I also took a Lancer mag I intended to try out since I have not used one, but I never got around to using it.
The only slight problem was with the MagPul BUIS....I could not get the front sight low enough to bring the rifle to a 25 yd. zero. My front sight is mounted on one of the adapter rails that fits the gas block BTW. That was an easy fix when I got home....the front sight post MagPul provided was extremely tall, so I just filed it down some.
After I got the BUIS as close as I could under the circumstances, I zeroed the EoTech easily. Once it was zeroed, I was able to shoot very tight dime to quarter size groups at 25 yds. I was shooting from a rest, but not from sandbags...just propping my arms on the bench, so I am pretty sure that when I can get to the outdoor range with sandbags the groups will be good. Overall, pretty happy with the rifle!!
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Thanks for the report!! I was waiting for some one to report on the Magpul BUIS.

Congrat on the first run!

Where did you get your Swiss folder?
Colorado Gun Sales. There is a pic of my rifle in the pics thread, but I took the Millett DMS off it and put a EoTech on.
I must be looking at the wrong thing. The folding stocks I see are for the SIG550 and don't look like they would fit the 556. I probably need to call.
100rnds of Wolf = 1000rnds of good ammo. I say the torture test was a success :lol:
Wolf ammo & the 556

With the gas piston system, you can shoot steel jacketed ammo w/out the damage issues in the gas impingement systems. I just purchased 1,000 rounds of Tuva ammo (manufactured at the same factory as Wolf in Russia). Will let you know how it performs once it comes in, but based on the other reports I've heard, I'm confident I'll have the same results. 1,000 rounds of Tuva for $214 vs. 1,000 rounds of Winchester or Remington for $500-600? You do the math. :D
Unless you reload, then having 1000 rnds of good brass is the way to go. I can reload 55gr bullets for about $.20 with match quality. I can get 4-5 reloads without a problem unless I load really hot.
You can reload the wolf steel case ammo too! Ask me how I know.

Wolf ammo is fine, not the most accurate but it won't hurt your gun.
I would think the steel cased Wolf stuff works better in something with a primary extraction phase like the SIG, rather than an AR-15/M-4 type with little to no primary extraction. That plus the coating on the ammo tend to foul the guns making cleaning more important.
I ran 120 rounds of Wolf Steel thru my 556 and didn't have a problem. I even shot 40 rounds of Monarch (looks like Golden Bear) without a misfire. Some the guys at the range had problems with their AR15's but judging by how much farther the 556 throws spent cartridges I think the 556 would yank the chrome off a bumper.

Don't be timid like those AR15 guys about shooting steel. The 556 is designed to shoot anything.
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