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willing to pay for 5.45 conversion work

  • just interested in a barrel source

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5.45 conversion request

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with C-PRODUCTS coming out with AR/SIG556 pattern mags in 5.45 cal. does anyone else think this a do-able conversion -a modest opening of the bolt face would be needed, maybe a different recoil spring , just looks like with the cheap ammo around it might be a money maker-I am willing to go, say $300 or so for a barrel(of course a spare bolt would be nice!) anybody willing to step up and start building?
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I'd like to see:

- 6.5 Grendel / 6.8 SPC: While I prefer the ballistics of 6.5 Grendel I realize that 6.8 SPC has been gaining a lot of support so I'd be happy with either.
- .22: Ammo savings!
I agree with splltverges 100%, I definitely want a grendel for better hunting/LR shooting ballistics (not too hot on the SPC) and I want a 22 for ammo savings. Hey maybe someone can produce a 22 bolt similar to the ones for the AR family that drops in to the Sig?
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