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  1. Uppers, Lowers, Barrels and Parts
    I am planning on using my Sig556 SWAT SBR in swat school here shortly and am in need of a the simunitions adapter bolt and recoil rod set up. i can find them in existence but apparently my local simunitions guy is to busy to return an email. if any of you have one I am in dire need, maybe not...
  2. Buy Sell Trade (Non-FFL)
    I'm seeking the SiG mounting rail kit for the classic 556 handguard as well as the SiG picatinny rear diopter sight. Used parts are no problem. Links for pictures/info are below. Thanks! Rail Mounting Kit: Sig Sauer Handguard Rail Mounting Kit - Sig 556, Sig 522 - Top Gun Supply Rear Diopter...
  3. Buy Sell Trade (Non-FFL)
    Selling my SIG556 M4 version here. I know it's non-FFL posts, so just providing the link. Here's a pick for reference. Upgraded mil-spec buffer tube, modified magpul grip and trigger guard and US made classic handguards ( came with fishgill handguards). SIG556 M4 Parts Kit $60 Shipped - SOLD...
  4. 556 Discussions
    Can anyone sell me or direct me on where to buy the sig 556 (rifle or pistol) mag release. Per the sig schematic part number 502. It is not shaped like the standard AR mag release.
  5. Buy Sell Trade (Non-FFL)
    Howdy, Want to buy: OEM SIG556 parts kit, P/N PKIT-556-SA-M4, as listed here: Parts Kit - 556, M4 Style SIG is out of stock (I'm on the waiting list), but I'd like to have it now. Post or PM your offer and shipping cost. Thanks, Happy Shooting!
  6. New Member Introductions
    I've got a classic SIG556 SWAT Patrol (collapsible, foldable buttstock) with around 1500 rounds through it. Bought it new in 2010 or 2011. I've kept it clean and maintained it very well (military mind-set). The only mods I have made are 3rd party pistol grip and charging handle (to better fit...
1-6 of 6 Results