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  1. Buy Sell Trade (Non-FFL)
    Great condition. You will need your own hinge pin and button hardware. Price is $250 plus shipping. Please message me with inquiries. - Jo
    $215 USD
  2. Buy Sell Trade (Non-FFL)
    Hey y’all I have a 556 green commando and every single website has the rail kits out of stock. Does anyone have the original factory rail kit from sig? Please! Let me know willing to pay 561-699-6594 Austin seidman
  3. 556 Discussions
    I took my Sig 556 out shooting yesterday and went to use the bolt release and it snapped right off just before the pin holding it. Thinking I could just buy another one I finished my range day and headed home to look for a replacement. As luck would have it I can't for the life of me find one...
  4. 556 Lounge
    Lost the retaining spring that keeps the pin in place. Sent the Upper to Sig last year. They either did not replace the defective pin or they installed another defective pin, because the pin fell out the first time I went to the range. I emailed Sig several times asking them to sell me the...
  5. 556 Discussions
    Hi all! So I have this rather beautiful SIG551-1sp gun and due to unfortunate events I'm now one gas regulator valve short on the parts. What's even more unfortunate is, that no such parts are sold in my homecountry, Finland. I did some digging and I found out that apparently SIG556 and 551...
  6. Buy Sell Trade (Non-FFL)
    **FOR SALE**Brand new in box Sig x fold m4 style stock. Please message for pics. Can't figure out how to downsize pics. 129.00 + shipping [email protected] 1913 adapter sold.
  7. Buy Sell Trade (Non-FFL)
    Hi all, I'm also looking for a 556xi pistol grip, as well as the cheek riser. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for looking! -George
1-7 of 7 Results