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My SIG556xi with extended handguard.

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Jerry is back!!! Well, sort of... 556xi with Miculek compensator 556xi with PA 1-6x ACSS Flash bang, anyone? All The Way! 181 182 Triple Crown My SIG556xi with extended handguard.
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  2. frosty77
    Hi, could you tell me how you made this? I would appreciate it very much as I've been looking everywhere for an extended handguard for my 556xi.
    Thank you.
  3. 556Raven
    I've purchased another factory handguard online, and cut both, original and added one, to match each other in indexed vent slots. I used 12" aluminum Picatinny rail as a joint bracket, and placed pictured "stubby" angled grip across the mating joint cut, adding to stress-relief. HTH.

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