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  1. 1567tperry
    I’m trying to complete a build on the sig 556 by getting a 556r lower. Does anyone have the lower for sale anymore?
  2. Gold3n Arms 81
    Gold3n Arms 81 maximus
    Do you still have any charging handles?
  3. 007
    007 PGT
    Is the butt pad extension a longer recoil pad?
  4. bertwin
    Any interest out there for a 556R gen 2 new in box? Fort Worth, TX
  5. NamiTsunami
    NamiTsunami Wack86
    Hey bud what kind of lowers do you have that you’d be willing to part with ? Thank you and merry Christmas
  6. John Crusher
    John Crusher Duffman0286
    I'll take a diopter rear sight. How do you want $ ? I want the one with stripped front, John.
  7. M@D-M@X
    [email protected]@X
    In a dumpster near you
  8. ewatoco
  9. dudley
    dudley jb76

    Thanks for getting in touch with me concerning the 556 upper. I bought one from another member shortly after posting the message. I paid $600.00 for it but it had a fair amount of rounds down the pipe. It was a complete upper. Depending on the condition, especially if it is like new, I would be willing to pay more. I would need to see photos before making a decision.

    John S. Stone ([email protected])
  10. jeffmm1
    jeffmm1 alyuaz
    addition - looking for a front hooded 553 sight.
  11. jeffmm1
    jeffmm1 alyuaz
    Hi - do you happen to have any grey hooded 553 sights? I checked with Gatewood but he only has the entire gas block with sight for sight.

    Let me know.

    Thank you!

  12. Seu204
    Seu204 PGT
    im new to the whole forum thing not sure how to
  13. Seu204
    Seu204 PGT
    Do you still have the hand guard rail set?
    1. PGT
      Hi - yes, I have one new sealed set. Shoot me a message
      Apr 6, 2019
  14. jb76
    jb76 USMColdCorps
    Still have 556r lower for sale ?
    1. USMColdCorps
      Yes I do. I apologize for the delay in responding, as some unexpected personal business caused me to be out of town.
      Mar 19, 2019
  15. Foxtrot31
    Flash hider removal on 556 22lr seen the videos on u tube but still not budging tried heat ,it has 2 flats for spanner
  16. swiss551
    swiss551 Orlando556
    Any chance you still have the charging handle?
  17. Shipekr
    Shipekr FireCop203
    Can take pics if interested
    1. FireCop203
      Wow, that’s more than twice of what I paid for my 556 Classic.
      Thanks for the reply, but no. Good luck with your sale.
      Aug 23, 2018
  18. FireCop203
    FireCop203 Shipekr
    What are you asking for it? Do you have any pictures of it?
    Thanks. Larry.
  19. Iamscotticus
    Iamscotticus apps47inc
    RE: TA-33
    Is this for real?
  20. utah1975
    AK Floridian with 2 Sig 556s